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Weekend and day trips
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Cesky Krumlov
The medieval town of Cesky Krumlov, which has been part of the UNESCO Sites, is located at about 160 km south of Prague, in a picturesque valley along the upper Vlata River.
The centre of the town is composed by more than 300 historic buildings such as a huge castle with its tower where you will appreciate a great view and also its very nice garden. You should also see the baroque theatre and the Church of St. Vitus.
Driving is certainly the fastest way to get there and will allow you to stop along the way. Czech countryside is beautiful, the road runs parallel to the landscape and passes through forests, fields and villages.
You can also take a bus from Prague to Èeský Krumlov, it takes about 3 hours. Beware that the bus is often crowded on Fridays and Sundays and if you don't have a seat reservation, you may not be able to get a seat and will have to stand for a long part of the trip. When you arrive at the bus station of Èeský Krumlov the centre of the town is at 10 min by foot.
The train is, for sure, more comfortable than the bus but there are no direct trains from Prague to Èeský Krumlov. First you have to go to Èeské Budìjovice, which takes about three hours then you will have to change and take a local commuter train for 45 minutes. The Èeský Krumlov train station is at about 30 minutes on foot from the centre of the town.

Hradec Králové
This city, situated at about 100 km east of Prague, constitutes a meeting point of two rivers, Labe and orlice. It also hosts the Bishop and a centre of trade, industry and science and education.
This city is famous for its Gothic, Renaissance and baroque buildings located in the old town and designed by architects Giovanni Santini and Carlo Lurago. The other thing that made it popular it was dowry town of Bohemian Queens.
The city is pleasant to visit with its various parks and gardens and is rich in culture. Indeed, Hradec Králové has its own philharmonic orchestra; there is the Museum of East Bohemia, a Gallery of Modern Art and the Klicpera and Drak (Dragon) theatres.
The town planning of this city make it quasi unique, the more modern buildings in the art nouveau and functionalist styles are the work of two renowned Czech architects Jan Kotìra and Josef Goèár. Their work is well recognized therefore Hradec Králové is also known as the “Salon of the Republic”.

Kutna Hora
Kutna Hora is a very old town, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It is located at about 70 km eat of Prague. In the 13th century, due to its silver mines and the production of the Prague “groschen” coins, the city became the second most important and biggest town of the Czech Republic behind Prague.
The main monument is the Gothic Cathedral of St. Barbara, you also have to see wonderful Stone House, the Gothic fountain, and the Church of St. James.
The center of the town, with its medieval streets, is very nice to walk around.

The pretty town of Polièka is situated in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. It has a long history and a great number of conserved historic sites.
The old town centre is still delimited by massive stone walls, the construction of which began in the 14th century. The main attraction is St. James’ Church, where the famous Czech musician Bohuslav Martinù was born. Not far from Policka there is the Gothic castle of Svojanov, one of the oldest in Bohemia.

Telè is situated in the southwest of Moravia. It probably dates to the first half of the 13th century. The Jesuits were based here in the 17th and 18th centuries and built an entire complex of baroque buildings.
You should see the 60-metre-high tower of St Jacob’s church which will give you an amazing view over Telè and the hills beyond. The Gothic castle, rebuilt in the Renaissance style, is also interesting to see. Inside the castle, a museum relates the town's history and handicraft development. In the garden gallery, you will have the possibility to see the Gallery of Jan Zrzavy (famous Czech painter) with a permanent exhibition from the National Gallery in Prague.
And above all, walk around in the historical centre of the town, which is included in the UNESCO Heritage list, with its renaissance houses with decorated facades.
In summer, the town offers an interesting cultural program. Concerts of classical music take place in the castle and the famous Folk Festival, well-known as "the Holidays in Telc", is held in the castle courtyard. Others concerts take place in the chateau's park. All along the year, Telc also hosts competitions of historical vehicles and balloon flying.

Jindøichùv Hradec
Jindrichuv Hradec, situated between Cesky Krumlov and Telc, holds the third largest castle in the Czech Republic. It enlarges upon three hectares.
Jindrichuv Hradec is also well-known for its historical core, indeed, the old centre of the city constitues a conservation area. You should visit the Church of St.John the Baptist and the Gothic Church of the Assumptation with its 68-m high tower.
In the town museum you will also find the biggest mechanical Christmas Creche in the world.

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