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Traveling Within the Czech Republic

Train travel to most destinations within the Czech Republic, but outside of Prague, is fairly easy and very cheap. There are two main train stations in Prague, Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, and Holesovice, which are both easy to get to, as they are both also metro stops.

When purchasing tickets to travel outside of Prague, it is easiest to simply check the train schedules online at, and then simply go to the correct station and buy your tickets before departure. During high tourist season, reserving tickets several days in advance is a good idea. This can easily be done by going to the train station in advance, or through a travel agency such as Cedok or GTS International.

Traveling Outside of the Czech Republic

Train travel outside of the Czech Republic is also fairly simple. Trains run from the two main stations, Praha Hlavni Nadrazi and Holesovice. The only drawback in choosing to leave Prague by train is that often trains to cities within other countries (for instance the Prague-Munich route) are both slower and more expensive than busses. On the other hand, with destinations such as Berlin and Budapest, trains are the way to go. It is highly recommended to compare travel time and cost before deciding whether to travel by train, bus, or even air.

Buy tickets in advance either at the train stations themselves, or at a travel agency such as Cedok or GTS. If buying in advance is not possible – don’t worry. Check the train schedule online at Most of the time you’ll be able to find a seat.

And remember to bring your passport!

CD (Czech Railways Travel Agency)
Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, level 3
Phone 224 21 48 86

Na Prikope 18, Stare Mesto
Phone 224 19 71 11

GTS International
Ve Smeckach 33, Wenceslas Square
Phone 222 21 12 04

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