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Go for a fishing expedition!

There is a huge choice for fishing locations in the Czech Republic and the country offers beautiful experience in the wonderful countryside of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia.
In Prague area, central Bohemia, one can find several rivers. If one wants to fish salmon, one has to go to the Vltava-Stechovice, a stretch of the river Vltava at 25 km from Prague. The river bed, although stony, is very greasy so one has to be careful fishing there.
To fish Salmon you also have the possibility to go the river Litavka which contains trout and chub. This river is also a bit risky because it has a rocky bottom.
If one prefers fishing in coarse water, one will have the choice between four rivers. The Vltava-Orlik Reservoir is one of them; it is a stretch of the river Vltava situated at 60 km south of Prague.
Another possibility is the Vltava-Slapy Reservoir which is still a stretch of the river Vltava at 35 km south of Prague.
One can also go to the Berounka which is a stretch of the river Berounka located at 15 km southwest of Prague.
Finally one can fish in one of the largest and very popular river that flows through the Czech Republic, its name is Labe.
If this guideline has convinced you, you will have to buy, from the Czech Federation of Anglers Council or the Czech Fishing Union, a fishing licence to be allowed to fish.
For one year you will have to pay 100 euros and for one or two days, around 3 euros.

The Czech Fishing Union is the owner of most places and controls them but there are also some very nice rivers, streams, ponds and small lakes which are privately owned and regularly stocked with fish.

List of protected fish and seasons:
September 1 - April 15:  brook trout, lake tout
January 1- June 15:  minnow/carp, pikeperch, northern pike, shellfish
December 1 – April 15: rainbow trout
December 1 - June 15: grayling
January 1 - September 30: hucho hucho
November 1 – January: burbot
Year-round protection includes all types of crayfish, Margaritana margaritifera, mussels, unio, lamprey, amphibia, minnow.

For more information:
Czech Angling Federation
Tel: (2) 7481 1751; fax: (2) 7481 1754;
Czech Fishing Union
Nad olsinami 31,100 00 Praha 10
Tel.: +420-(0)2 / 7811751-3

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