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Extreme sports


If you are looking for adrenaline in Prague you can try the skydiving. A plane will get you to the 4,000 m altitude above Prague!
This sport is nowadays accessible to a large group of people. Only a few of us do not wish to experience this feeling. Several organizations offer you the possibility to see the world from the birds´ perspective; you will have the choice between a tandem jump and a static line jump. They offer a variety of skydiving courses ranging from beginners instruction to advanced skydiving qualifications. All courses are run by officially qualified and experienced teachers.

Introduction to Accelerated to Free-fall Training (IAFF)
If one death fall just simply doesn’t quench your thirst for action, you can adventure further a field and sign up for the Introduction to Accelerated to Freefall Course (IAFF).
At a price of 175 euros, the program consists of a ground school and a single free fall-jump with two instructors and a video man.

Accelerated Free-fall Training (AFF)
The Accelerated Free-fall Program instructs skydivers with free-fall and canopy control skills through a nine level program, designed to teach you to skydive.
The AFF program includes a ground school, a tandem jump and 8 jumps for 1190 euros.
Before your first supervised free-fall you will have to make either one static line jump (immediate automatic main canopy opening) or one tandem jump. This is required due to regulation rules in Czech Republic.

Generally price includes transportation by car or minibus, guide, tandem jump with a co-pilot, equipment rental, and insurance. Price does not include extra fee for a photographer.
Be careful, it is often necessary to sign in advance!


If you are a climber, and you are visiting Prague, you may be wondering about the possibilities of climbing outside.
There is one place to go in summer, Srbsko, a sport climbing area located forty kilometres from Prague on the Berounka River.  This space will be however, certainly very crowed of climbers, hikers, and mountain bikers etc…
In winter, there are several possibilities around Prague. To start, you can go near a village called, Vrane nad Vltavou (0, 5 km before Vrane nad Vltavou on the way from Zbraslav on right side of river Vltava).
There are several meters vertical but mostly about 50 degrees laying icefall of height about 30 meters.
The second area suitable for ice climbing not far from Prague is Marenka. It is a 70 meters high cliff above Vltava River near the Slapy dam. The cliff is on the right side of the river. You can go there through the village of Krnany or village of Teletin not far from Stechovice. There you have to reach a small country house in a village called Proudy and the cliff is accessible through a private garden.
In Prague you have several possibilities for climbing indoor. Indeed, there are various climbing walls, the biggest, the Mammut Climbing Centre, has recently opened its doors. It is the biggest climbing centre of the Czech Republic; it has a surface of 250m2. The climbing walls stretch over 1100m2 and include a kid’s wall, a training wall and a special wall for dry tooling.

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